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At Sarasota Mental Health, we understand that battling addiction can often feel like climbing a mountain without a safety harness. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. We specialize in providing compassionate, comprehensive addiction therapy services that empower you to regain control of your life. Located in Sarasota, FL, our addiction counselors are all dedicated therapists, committed to guiding you through the difficult path of recovery, helping you to rebuild your life and realize a future free from the grip of addiction.

Addiction can create a variety of challenges that affect every aspect of life, from relationships and employment to physical health and mental well-being. Overcoming addiction is not just about avoiding triggers, but involves learning how to navigate these challenges and establishing a healthier, more fulfilling way of living by creating more positive habits. That’s where addiction therapy comes in.
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Abuse vs. Addiction: A Comparative Overview

Understanding the differences between abuse and addiction is crucial for appropriate intervention and support, as well as addressing the unique challenges that each presents.


Excessive Use: Abuse involves the excessive or harmful use of a substance, behavior, or activity, often beyond what is considered safe or moderate.
Negative Consequences: It may lead to negative consequences for physical, emotional, or social well-being, but not always.
Control Retained: Individuals engaging in abuse typically have more control over their actions and can choose to reduce or stop the behavior.
Behavioral Patterns: Abusive behaviors may not necessarily involve physical or psychological dependence on the substance or activity.
Varied Outcomes: Not all cases of abuse progress to addiction, and individuals may exhibit abusive behaviors without becoming addicted.


Dependence: Addiction involves both physical and psychological dependence on a substance, behavior, or activity.
Loss of Control: Individuals with addiction struggle to control their actions, often experiencing cravings and engaging in the behavior despite negative consequences.
Withdrawal Symptoms: Addiction is marked by withdrawal symptoms when the substance or behavior is discontinued, reinforcing the compulsive need to continue.
Compulsive Behavior: The compulsion to engage in the behavior or consume the substance becomes overpowering and all-consuming.
Chronic Condition: Addiction is considered a chronic and relapsing condition that typically requires treatment to manage effectively.
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About Our Addiction Counselors in Sarasota, FL

Our addiction therapists play a vital role in helping clients overcome the complex challenges of addiction. Through a combination of empathy, expertise, and evidence-based techniques, we provide crucial support and guidance to help one overcome challenges that are created when addiction takes hold. 

At Sarasota Mental Health, we create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore the underlying causes of their addiction, identify triggers, and develop coping strategies. Our Sarasota addiction counselors assist in setting achievable goals, fostering motivation for change, and holding clients accountable. 

By tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, our addiction counselors empower clients to navigate recovery successfully, rebuild their lives, and achieve lasting sobriety. Their dedication facilitates a transformative journey towards healthier, substance-free living.

Specialized Options for Addiction Therapy in Sarasota

While addiction and abuse disorders come in many forms, their are often underlying causes for compulsive behavior that present specific patterns. Our addiction counselors can assist with a variety of addiction services surrounding:

Substance Abuse

Therapy provides a structured framework for individuals to explore the underlying causes of their substance abuse, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and establish relapse prevention strategies. We help clients understand the impact of addiction on their lives and work towards recovery.

Gambling Addiction

Therapeutic interventions for gambling addiction focus on identifying triggers, challenging distorted thoughts, and implementing strategies to resist the urge to gamble. Additionally, therapy helps individuals repair relationships, regain financial stability, and rebuild trust with loved ones.

Internet & Gaming

In therapy, individual addicted to internet and gaming learn to manage their screen time, set boundaries, and develop healthier offline activities. Therapists address the emotional and psychological factors that contribute to excessive technology use, helping clients regain control of their lives.

Food & Eating

Therapy explores the emotional and psychological aspects of overeating and disordered eating behaviors. Clients work on developing a healthier relationship with food, addressing body image issues, and learning strategies to cope with emotional triggers.

Sex Addiction

Therapists use a combination of individual and group therapy to help individuals understand the underlying factors contributing to their compulsive sexual behaviors. Treatment aims to restore healthy sexual functioning and rebuild relationships affected by addiction.


Therapists assist clients in examining the reasons behind their excessive work habits, helping them strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Treatment often focuses on stress management and building a more fulfilling life outside of work.

How Can Seeking Addiction Therapy in Sarasota Help?

Our Sarasota addiction counselors will assist you in your journey. Here are eight simple steps to get started now!


Understanding the Root Cause

Addiction is often a symptom of deeper, unresolved issues. Our therapists work closely with you to uncover these underlying causes. It may be emotional trauma from the past, stress, anxiety, depression, or a combination of factors. By identifying and addressing these root causes, therapy enables more effective and long-lasting recovery.


Developing Coping Skills

Individuals often turn to substances as a way to cope with difficulties in their lives. Our addiction therapy services focus on helping you develop healthier coping mechanisms. These can include strategies such as mindfulness techniques, stress management, problem-solving skills, and emotional regulation. Over time, these new skills can replace the need for substances as a coping tool.


Improving Relationships

Addiction can strain or even sever relationships with loved ones. Through therapy, you have the opportunity to learn and practice effective communication skills, improve empathy and understanding, and work through any relational damage caused by addiction. Therapists can also involve family members or partners in the recovery process, fostering a supportive environment for healing and recovery.


Building Self-Esteem

Addiction can erode self-esteem, leaving individuals feeling unworthy or incapable. Our therapy focuses on rebuilding this self-esteem, helping you recognize your inherent worth, and celebrating the progress you make in your recovery journey. By fostering self-confidence, therapy supports the resilience needed for long-term recovery.


Preventing Relapse

One of the primary goals of addiction therapy is to prevent relapse. Our therapists help you understand and identify your unique triggers, teaching effective strategies to manage these triggers without resorting to substance use. This skill is crucial in maintaining the gains made in recovery.


Healthy Lifestyle Adjustment

A balanced, healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in the recovery process. Therapists guide you towards better nutrition, regular physical activity, and adequate rest, which can all contribute to reducing cravings, improving mood, and enhancing overall well-being.


Enhancing Mental Health

It's common for individuals with addiction to also experience other mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. Our therapists help manage these co-occurring conditions, offering a more holistic recovery process. By addressing all aspects of mental health, therapy supports a more balanced, stable state of well-being.


Support System

Therapy provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment, offering a platform for open communication. It's a space where you can express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment, fostering a sense of understanding and acceptance. This supportive network can be invaluable in times of challenge or distress.
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See what our clients have to say:
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"I’ve been seeing Christina for the past 6 months and she is a wonderful therapist! She is kind, compassionate, and very understanding. She has helped me grow in so many ways over the past few months! I love building my relationship with her."
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Why Choose Sarasota Mental Health for Addiction Therapy?

Finding the right addiction counselor or therapist is a crucial step in your recovery journey, and we make this process as simple and stress-free as possible. Here’s why we stand out:
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Our therapists are highly experienced in addiction therapy, utilizing proven, evidence-based techniques to guide you towards recovery.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every individual’s journey is unique. We offer tailored therapy plans to address your specific needs and goals.

Ease of Access

With our convenient location in Sarasota, FL, accessing our services is easy. We also offer teletherapy options for those who prefer remote sessions.

Supportive Environment

We provide a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space where you can express your feelings, fears, and hopes.

Holistic Care

We recognize addiction as a complex issue affecting various aspects of life. Hence, we offer comprehensive care that addresses mental, emotional, and physical health.
At Sarasota Mental Health Therapy & Counseling, we believe in your ability to overcome addiction. Our addiction therapy services are designed to equip you with the tools, understanding, and support necessary to break free from addiction's chains and step into a brighter, healthier future. Reach out to us today and let us walk alongside you on your journey to recovery.
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